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About The Conference

This conference ICEPMDM-2021 aims at providing an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and gather scholars from all over the world to provide a platform for various researchers around the globe working on the burning issues of the environment and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information. Through the scheduled sessions, the conference intends to create awareness amongst all the stakeholders in coherence with various current and emerging issues of environment. The topic of the conference will cover major issues related to the environmental challenges & disaster and measures that can be taken to protect the environment, gearing towards innovative approaches to environmental remediation and restoration.

Thrust Areas

  • Environmental Aspects and Impact of Climate Change in Water Sector
  • Advanced and economically feasible methods for removal of pollutants in air, water and soil.
  • Natural resource management
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Disaster management
  • Environmental innovations
  • Environmental laws and policies
  • Desalination and Water Conservation Schemes for Rural and Remote Areas Environmental protection measures
  • Global warming and Climate Change
  • Health and Environment
  • Industrial waste issues and management
  • Water Resource Management
  • Environment Pollution Abatement/mitigation
  • Other related topics
In association with:
Indian Desalination Association (InDA)
Supported by:
SKIT Research journal, Jaipur
Science and Tech. Club SKIT, Jaipur
Eco Friends Club SKIT, Jaipur

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